Beginner Racing Clinics

Buckeye Cyclesport will present a series of 3 beginner racing clinics, starting June 28.  These clinics are intended for riders just getting started in USA Cycling massed start road racing.

Clinics will focus on:

  • Safety and protecting your bike in a group
  • Advanced paceline skills
  • Moving around in a group
  • Attacking, and marking attacks
  • Finishing
  • Climbing

Clinics will be on 3 consecutive Tuesday nights.  Each clinic will last approximately 2 hours.

Clinics are intended for riders 16 years and older, with some basic group riding experience, who can comfortably maintain an 18-20mph pace with a group.

Events are USA Cycling permitted and insured.  Cost will be $15 per clinic, or $30 for all 3 clinics.  For insurance purposes USA Cycling annual or 1 day license is required.   Registration is available at